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Barb Thoman named Executive Director of Transit for Livable Communities


Hilary Reeves   
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St. Paul (July 21, 2010)—Transit for Livable Communities proudly announces that Barb Thoman is the organization’s new executive director. Thoman assumes leadership of the organization she co-founded in 1996. Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) was an early advocate for the Hiawatha light rail line and has helped win new funding for bus and rail statewide. With 10,000 advocates statewide, TLC is today the state’s leading transportation advocacy organization and administers Bike Walk Twin Cities, a federal pilot program to encourage bicycling and walking.

“Barb is well-known as a persistent leader for more and better transportation choices—a system of bus and rail and routes for biking and walking that serves all Minnesotans and contributes to sustainable economic development.  Our state and nation are moving forward in new ways. With Barb’s vision and guidance, TLC will keep Minnesota at the forefront of these exciting changes,” said Jennifer Munt, TLC board chair.

Thoman has been acting executive director since March, 2010. She has worked in various capacities at TLC in her many years with the organization: co-authoring many of TLC’s research reports, lobbying for transit funding and complete streets, and working on the organization’s bike/walk program. Before starting TLC, Thoman worked for a decade in the field of solid waste management in Winona and St. Paul, Minnesota, and Sacramento, California.

“I am honored to take leadership of this organization at this time. And I am grateful for the many partners in this work—at all levels of government and among our members and allies. We are excited to be a leader in a national movement toward more just, affordable, and sustainable transportation,” Thoman said.

“We all spend money every day on transportation—sometimes in ways that are hard to see. By advocating for a more transparent and more multi-modal transportation system, we can bring more options to our residents and, at the same time, bolster our health and our economy. Smart transportation is the way to move Minnesota forward,” she said. 

The naming of Thoman as executive director follows a national search and interviews with a number of outside candidates with a range of policy and management experience.

Transit for Livable Communities, with offices in St. Paul, has a staff of 13 full time employees.  Further information about Transit for Livable Communities is available at and about Bike Walk Twin Cities at



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First thing to say is.......

Congatulations!!!!! I am happy that you excepted to be the new Executive Director. I have worked with you for the last 6+ years as a member volunteer and there is no better person that has put forth the picture of what Transportation should be for the future of Minnesota.

Kathleen Murphy

Congratulations Barb, I am glad you are heading this great organization. Thanks for your courage and tireless efforts.
Angela Anderson

Congratulations, Barb. You've been an amazing leader, and an inspiration to us all. You'll do great.

Congratulations, Barb! You've been in the business about as long as anyone. They picked the best person for the job.

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