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2011 --A Quick Take on the Year, Plus Some Blogs Not to Miss


From Hilary Reeves, TLC

It seems a good time to cast a backward glance at 2011 and to retrieve some of the blog entries we might have missed in the hurly-burly of the year. What are your highlights of 2011—memorable events, positive or negative? 


  • Defending transit service despite cuts to general fund allocation for transit. Hats off to our members & allies.
  • New bikeways opening across Twin Cities, thanks to BWTC nonmotorized transportation pilot program.
  • Central Corridor 30% complete. Union Depot groundbreaking. Preliminary Engineering begins on Southwest LRT.
  • Ongoing federal bike/ped funding for states preserved (for now). Kudos to Minnesota’s Senators Klobuchar and Franken for voting against efforts to eliminate dedicated funding for Transportation Enhancements.


  • $51m cut to General Fund allocation to Transit and MN State Government shutdown – resulting in slowdown of light rail/bus rapid transit build-out.
  • EPA regulations to improve air quality postponed.

Keep Watching

  • New St Croix Crossing. The momentum for the mega-bridge has slowed, with questions about the huge cost, especially given other transportation needs.
  • New Federal Transportation Law. Committees in Congress are marking up legislation. Keep up to date via Transportation for America.

As we head into 2012, here are 10 pieces from our blogs we want to make sure you didn't miss. And, we take this opportunity to say thank you again to Michelle Dibblee, who left TLC in 2011 to work for Minnesotans United for All Families; Alicia Adams, who now works with Redeemer Center for Life and the Venture North Bike Walk Center. We also send a huge thank you to Andrea Kiepe, who departs at the end of December. She has been an amazing Minnesota/North Dakota organizer for our partners, Transportation for America.

Anchoring Equity to Achieve Sustainable Regional Development Outcomes

In other words, economic opportunity is substantially impacted by transportation infrastructure.


Do You Need Your Bus Pass Validated?

You often hear of stores, businesses, and offices validating your parking ticket as a way of thanking you for shopping there or defraying the cost of getting where you need to be. But, have you ever heard anyone offer to validate your bus pass or reward you for bicycling or walking to the same location?


10 Design Elements that Can Transform Your City

Steve Clark shares 10 design elements that have helped Minneapolis gain its reputation as the number one bike-friendly city in the nation.


Interview with David Thornton, MPCA Assistant Commissioner

Transportation sources are a significant part of the problem we have with ozone and particulate matter (soot).


Nonmotorized Pilots Brief Congress

Our message was that focused, comprehensive bike/walk investments do shift trips from driving to bicycling/walking.


The Annual Cost of Owning a Car is $8,776. 

AAA released last week their report on the annual cost of owning a car, about $8776 for a sedan, $11,239 for a SUV.


Rural-Urban Divide for Pedestrian Deaths Shows Need for Complete Streets

Crossing the street in Greater Minnesota can be more deadly than on the busier streets of the Twin Cities.


Helmets Off to Minneapolis: Bicycle Master Plan

On July 22nd the Minneapolis City Council passed a Bicycle Master Plan, creating a comprehensive game plan worthy of a #1 bicycling city.


Leveraging Cedar Avenue BRT for the Southeast Metro

Apple Valley has undertaken a bold effort to leverage expanded transit service to create walkable, bikeable neighborhoods with attractive destinations.


Shaping Minnesota's Transportation Vision --We're On the GO

What does this new vision mean for Minnesota’s transportation investments?


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