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Twin Cities Transit Apps


From Art Allen, Online Communications Coordinator.

So, you’re a person on the go. You like to take the light rail to your many appointments downtown, go shopping at the Midtown Global Market, do some historical reenacting at Historic Fort Snelling, followed by some shopping just before you skip town at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. That’s a lot of stops!

Well, there is, as they say, an app for that. In fact, there are a couple apps.

Train Brain, developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Andy Atkinson and Nate Kadlac, shows you the nearest LRT station and a list of upcoming arrival times.

If you don’t have an iPhone but you do have web capabilities on your phone, Metro Transit has an online listing of times for the LRT (as well as buses), but it can’t help with locating your nearest stations or stops.


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Google Maps can do transit routing, too! Load it up on Blackberry, Android, or iPhone to get rail *and* bus information.

"Metro Transit has an online listing of times ..., but it can’t help with locating your nearest stations or stops."

In addition to NexTrip (real-time arrival times), from the Metro Transit web site, you can search for a number of services, including transit stops within 0.5 mi., rail stations, bike lockers, park & ride lots, etc. The transit stops function links to the appropriate published schedules and the rail station function links to their Trip Planner.

(Unfortunately, the links get stripped out when posting.)

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