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My mom is ready for Southwest light rail


By Kathleen Murhpy, guest blogger and TLC member

Kathleen Murphy

My mother lives in a senior housing development in Hopkins. She is an independent person but macular degeneration has made her legally blind. She depends totally on friends, family, and Metro Mobility for getting around. Many residents in her building no longer drive. The building has van service but it runs on a very limited schedule.

The proposed Southwest light rail line would give seniors like my mom a way to get out and enjoy life to the fullest. Opportunity Partners, located near the planned line, works with handicapped and disabled young adults. Southwest light rail will help their clients, many who are getting into the work world for the first time, have a better way of life.

The Southwest Corridor is one of the metro’s most heavily traveled areas. The light rail line will operate every 15 minutes for most of the day, and more frequently during rush hour. Those that drive every day on congested highways might start to appreciate how transit options help keep our cities cleaner and greener and our roads less congested.

We need to act now to provide better transit options to connect more Minnesotans with jobs, schools, and community in this part of the metro. Governor Dayton supports the Southwest light rail line, but state funding is still not a sure thing. Let’s urge DEED to award funds toward the state share to build it.




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I think this is a really interesting post. It is easy to get so engrossed in the technology that we forget about real life.

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