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Weekly Transportation News



  1. Finance & Commerce: Urban Expert: Light Rail is OK, but Trolleys are Better (subscription required)
  2. USA Today: Ridership on Public Mass Transit Up Slightly
  3. MinnPost: Are Streetcars the Answer to Our Transit and Environmental Needs?
  4. The Atlantic Cities: Imagining a City Without Its Public Transportation


  1. Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space: Are Bicycilist Their Own Worst Enemy? Uh, No: Resonse to Salon Magazine Article 
  2. Streetsblog: The Secret to a Healthy Life: A Daily, Half-Hour Walk
  3. Urban Indy: Pedestrians at Risk in Our Cities


  1. MPR: Vote May Not Come This Year for New St. Croix Bridge
  2. StreetsBlog DC: Transit's Not Sucking the Taxpayer Dry --Roads Are


  1. Old Urbanist: Looking at Street Area Percentages and Surface Parking
  2. Star Tribune: Ford Plant Sits on 122 Prime Acres
  3. Twin Cities Sidewalks: St. Paul's Post-Fordist Future


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I think my piece this past week on a (partial) framework for bike parking and complementary facilities is just as good as the item of mine that you did link to...

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