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Sensible Stillwater Bridge--a new coalition with a better bridge


from Bill Neuendorf, Policy and Advocacy Program Director


This afternoon, TLC participated in a press conference to announce a new partnership and a new proposal for a sensible and cost-effective alternative to the $690 million megabridge near Stillwater currently championed by the Governor and several legislators.

TLC has long opposed the mega-bridge because it encourages more vehicle-miles-traveled, is unfriendly to transit, and because it uses precious road and bridge repair dollars to expand the region's already oversized highway system.

Working with local stakeholders and local professionals, schematic designs and cost estimates have been prepared. The proposal unveiled today could cost less than 40% of the proposed mega-bridge, would achieve many (if not all) of the objectives of Stillwater businesses and city officials, and would be much less intrusive of the St. Croix River Valley. It would offer a similar traffic capacity as the megabridge and could be constructed in the same general timeframe.

With a projected $5 billion deficit, state government services shut down, and gas prices nearing $4.00, a more cost-effective solution must be found.

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